The view from where we are

Welcome here! This site is musings and perusings of Lee Alley as he sees things as an Anglo-American from his perspective and vantage point in London. The site is in its sixth iteration and will evolve when time permits showcasing advanced web design concepts. The site itself is built on the back of a Drupal content management system and is hosted, managed, built, designed and run entirely on top of a free software stack. Everything from the PC on which the design and management is done, to the server upon which it is hosted, use, and run on, Free and Open-source (FOSS) software. From this point the site look and feel will evolve incrementally until we get it to being the ultimate cool webpage. Until then there will be changes. If you dont like them, please tell us. If you do like them, do tell us. The commentary is informed by work done on four continents, through direct experience of two of the major land wars of recent times, and working for, and with, some of the biggest and some of the most innovative companies and organizations in the world today (usually, but not always, mutually exclusive categories). If you have an opinion about the content you want to share, please feel free to register here. We hope you enjoy the site, are informed by it or connected to something because of it, but if you are only compelled to think deeply about something we will be overjoyed and you will have paid us the ultimate compliment. Welcome here!