Image of surgical suite use of experimental biophotonics - credit Imperial University, London
Sometimes something comes along that reminds you right about the point you thnk you've heard it all (and dismissed a lot of it as BS) that you actually know so little and there is so much more to...
Image of Gunnars Gamer Coco glasses
Research is starting to indicate that modern lighting techniques might damage elements of the human eye and affect our health in other ways. By modern lighting, this means LED bulbs and compact...
Image of face wash entitled "Clarifying Wash"
Message in a bottle. Just in case any clarity was needed, "Yes, that is correct..This is a wash"

The view from where we are

American by birth, British by choice and Tennessean by the grace of God. Lee Alley lives in London, didn't serve in Vietnam but did during the Desert Shield/Storm era and afterwards worked in Bosnia (as a civilian) during the war there. There are many stories.

This site is strictly for stuff I find interesting, amusing, or that I think people really need to know. You may agree or disagree. I'm happy with both so let me know if you do.

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